Monday, September 5, 2011

August 28 - September 03

Weekly Totals ~ Time: 6:52:46 Distance: 47.18 mi. Vertical: 6,339 ft.
Weekly Averages ~ Time: 1:22:45 Distance: 9.44 mi. Vertical: 1,268 ft.

Not the most exciting week. I have an erethic calf. Sore after some runs, during some runs, or perfectly fine, but no predictability. It's as if my calf is playing Keno with my mind. I'm icing when it's sore, but I'm getting annoyed. I hit the pavement a lot, this week. It was, well, mainly pedestrian, but it had it's moments. I didn't take my camera anywhere, in fact, I didn't really run with anything but low motivation and shoes. I find that stripping things down to core basics is the best reset button, for me. I'm intrigued to find out what next week brings my way in terms of running. My motivation is starting to crest again, so that's exciting. Plus, the <whisper> calf is hopefully going to start really healing <end whisper> I will definitely be back on the trail, and saving the concrete jungle for the roadies. So-so week, but had a surprisingly nice finish.

Monthly Totals ~ Time: 31:37:05 Distance: 173.19 mi. Vertical: 38,463 ft.
Monthly Averages ~ Time: 1:30:20 Distance: 8.25 mi. Vertical: 1,832 ft.

August was a month of noticeable progress. Yes, August, where has the year gone? It's nice to see/feel things in locomotion in the correct direction. I'm running more mileage, consistently, with a lot of good uphill running. I've just been running. Nothing fancy. No sprints, no intervals, no fartleks, just running on uneven and often steeply graded terrain. For now, this approach has been building noticeable strength, form, and efficiency. I'm progressing positively enough that until I reach some kind of noticeable plateau I'm just going to keep training conservatively and with caution. I've only had one hiccup, as far as, injuries go. But the actual severity of the injury is minuscule. I'm just running at an intensity that feels good, controlled, and repeatable. Nonetheless, August has been great. September should start to bring a little longer run time averages, but the mileage and vertical should proportional increase with the longer times.

Sunday, August 28 ~ Rock-Climbing at Marymoor
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Climbed some great routes, today. Should be sore tomorrow.

Monday, August 29 ~ Iron Horse State Park, John Wayne Trail
Time: 1:25:22
Distance: 11.01 mi.
Vertical: 1,351 ft.

Made the mistake of taking two days in a row off, this weekend. First four miles, not so hot. Next five miles, felt great, even picked up the pace to just over 6:30 avg for miles five through nine and then cool-down for the last two miles. Unknowingly gained 1300'...I really did think I was running on completely flat ground. Calf felt great during the run, post it's a bit sore. Ice time.

Tuesday, August 30 ~ Red Town to Wilderness Peak, Cougar Mtn.
Time: 1:30:44
Distance: 9.00 mi.
Vertical: 1,645 ft.

Faster times at the same intensity = fitness improvement. Took it easy, today, 9 miles with 1600' of gain, definitely knew I was running uphill today, unlike yesterday. Calf felt great at the start, middle, and most of the end. Post run, though, still sore. Ice again. Maybe an easier recovery run, tonight.

Wednesday, August 31 ~ Recovery/Off/Lazy Day (ha)

Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Thursday, September 01 ~ Run #1 - West Access Tr. Central Peak 

Run #1Run #2
Time: 0:46:13Time: 0:57:48
Distance: 4.60 mi.
Distance: 6.56 mi.
Vertical: 1,565 ft.Vertical: 488 ft.

Run #1 - West Access Trail to Central Peak
Run #1, Easy Run. 1500' vertical. New PR (0:28:10) up to Central Peak, by 0:03:10. I'm curious how fast I can get up this piece of vertically jutting topography. I've just been running it 'easy', avg heart rate has been less than 160 bpm. Good to gauge fitness improvements. Cut the run short in an effort to completely heal the calf.
Run #2 - Coal Creek YMCA
Run #2, today. Recovery style, tonight. I was hoping it would feel better than it did, but that's running. Calf was more tender than this morning, so I cut the run off at 6.5 instead of the somewhat planned 10 miles. Better to be cautious.

Friday, September 02 ~ Recovery/Off/Lazy Day

Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Saturday, September 03 ~ The Pinnacle - Cougar Mtn. (Road)
Time: 2:13:37
Distance: 16.01 mi.
Vertical: 1,291 ft.

Base/Easy Run. I honestly set out to run six, tonight, and then I found a great uphill road run. After quickly gaining 900 ft and refreshing the senses with a magnificent sunset overlooking Seattle and Olympic National Park, I found myself out, on the road, just running. I'm not a road runner, by any means, but tonight I lost track of the foot steps, scenery, and avoided reality for an easy 16 miles. Not a terrible end to a so-so week of running.