Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 21 - August 27

Weekly Totals ~ Time: 7:54:38 Distance: 44.81 mi. Vertical: 9,019 ft.
Weekly Averages ~ Time: 1:19:06 Distance: 7.47 mi. Vertical: 1,503 ft.

The original loosely defined goal this week was 50+ miles with 10,000 ft. of elevation gain, and then last week's decision to go a little harder than I usually do during a planned rest week came back to remind me why I've settled on a training pattern of three weeks of build and one week of rest: slight left calf strain. Nothing crazy, just enough to say, "You should've known." Yes, yes, I should have known, in fact, I did know, but mantras only seem to apply to everyone else. Long week short, I babied the calf and stayed away from any inclines of note from Wednesday on. Iced the tender area every night and stretched lightly as much as possible. By the end of the week the calf feels at about 90%, which means I'm not going to really test it until Tuesday at the earliest on the hills. I consider this week, although short of the initial goal, to be a success because if I kept with the same mileage a vertical ratios I would have been at the goal distance and elevation gain. 5 miles short and less than 1000 ft. is no big deal. The big deal is keeping myself in-check with how my body is reacting to the training. Wrote a sweet review on some sweet shoes earlier this week, so if you haven't checked it out do so: Hoka One One XT/Stinson Shoe Review

Sunday, August 21 ~ 'Round the House Run & Climbin' at Marymoor Park
Time: 0:30:56
Distance: 4.00 mi.
Vertical: 106 ft.

Recovery paced run to start the week off. An easy 4 miles. Rock-climbed during the PM hours and topped things off with cold brews on top of the climbing wall. Safety first, right?

Monday, August 22 ~ McClellan Butte
Time: 2:15:03
Distance: 10.04 mi.
Vertical: 3,832 ft.

Running 101: Always ensure you have your running shoes before you get in the car. Decided to just run the trail in my Saucony Hattori's. Uphill, not too bad, downhill, not too good. Regardless, 3800' of vertical, ran under, through, above the clouds. Came across fresh, still steaming, Cougar scat on the descent...always interesting heart rate spike. The trail, well, that is some steep shit.

Tuesday, August 23 ~ Red Town Trailhead (Cougar Mtn.) to Central Peak (Squak Mtn.)
Time: 2:26:16
Distance: 12.46 mi.
Vertical: 3,589 ft.

Mentally, today, paralleled the elevation profile of the run. Up - Down - Way Up - Way Down - Up - Down. My legs certainly felt yesterday's uphill and downhill in Saucony Hattori's nonetheless, but looking at the data, now, I'm quite surprised at the overall positive results. 3500' of vertical gain, faster pace than originally thought. My left lower calf is going to need a little more recovery attention, however. Very tender, mid-way through the run and, now, post run.

Wednesday, August 24 ~ Off Day/Injury Recovery Day (R.I.C.E)
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Rest Ice Compression Elevation ~ The key to quickly healing injuries.

Thursday, August 25 ~ Coal Creek Trail & 'Round the Block Route
Run #1 Run #2
Time: 0:52:34 Time: 0:25:43
Distance: 5.21 mi.
Distance: 3.10 mi.
Vertical: 683 ft.Vertical: 81 ft.
Run #1
Calf feels better after a day of rest, yesterday, but it's not 100%. Took to an easy jog today on the softest trail I know. Limited the vertical, still managing 600 ft., though. I'll ice for a good 30 minutes, and maybe run another easy 5 miles tonight on the road sans hills after work. Maybe.
Run #2
Recovery Run. 2nd run of the day. On the road. In the recovery shoes (Hoka One One XT/Stinson). Felt great. With 30% less shock to the legs I didn't even feel the calf. Good sign. Ice, tonight. Re-evaluate tomorrow morning.

Friday, August 26 ~ Home to Red Town Trail to Coal Creek Trail to Home
Time: 1:24:03
Distance: 10.00 mi.
Vertical: 727 ft.
Base Run. On the road (Jack Kerouac reference). Felt great today, I miss the uphill trails, but did fit in at least 4 of the 10 on trail. Keeping a conservative and cautious eye on the calf. Hoka One One XT/Stinson's are the healing god of running shoes. Reduce the plantar flexion during the toe off and ease the stress on the calf. Perfect for a strain. Hoka One One XT/Stinson Shoe Review

Saturday, August 27 ~ Off Day
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Rest Ice Compression Elevation ~ The key to quickly healing injuries. Standing at work all day is stress enough on a not so 100% calf.