Monday, August 15, 2011

August 07 - August 13

Weekly Totals ~ Time: 7:51:55 Distance: 44.70 mi. Vertical: 8,581 ft.
Weekly Averages ~ Time: 1:34:23 Distance: 8.94 mi. Vertical: 1,716 ft.

Great Job on the new PR
5k: 22:38
Another week of running, and another week of learning. I felt absolutely incredible this week, except for Monday's debacle which just didn't work. I blame the lack of sleep, but I've never been so unsure of why it went south during my march north. Regardless, and in hindsight,  it was still a good run, just not what I had in mind. After three weeks of build, next week is a much needed rest week, however, I don't feel like resting. I will, though. Mileage will go way down. Maybe one long run of 3+ hours, maybe not. I need to be fully recovered after this week because I'll be at my self-required base mark of 50+ miles per week with at least 10,000 ft. of vertical gain, at least.  If I can handle three consecutive weeks than I can justify adding some harder, more intense runs, and if not, than I need to build more of a base. I'm not particularly worried about the actual miles. 50 miles a week really isn't a lot, but the 10,000 ft.+ of vertical gain is a variable that's going to interesting to adapt to...The looseness of these goals goes back to what I have a tendency to preach, you have to train based on how your body is feeling. After last week's post my uncle Scott S. asked me this, "I read your comment about "feeling" the run and have heard you say this in the past. I'm sort of caught between running a strict training "plan" w/a set pace and distance v. running time and feeling the pace. In truth, a faster pace feels good even on long runs. I know the goal is not to get hurt but I also enjoy the challenge of a strong run whether it is a short or long distance. Any suggestions?" Before I dive into this question, I want to give a big congratulations to Scott S. in his most recent 5k, he set a new Personal Record (PR), for the distance, 0:22:38. He placed 10th overall (out of 50, top 20%) in his age group. Lets break-down his race, hope he doesn't mind. The course itself is around Chastain Park, in Atlanta, it has five major turns, 250 ft. of elevation gain (150ft within .75 mi. from the 1.25 mi to just before the 2 mi mark). Scott's average pace was 7:19 min./mi., Mile 1: 0:06:50, Mile 2: 0:08:07, Mile 3: 0:07:05, and the last .1 mi. took 0:00:36 (0:06:32 mi. pace). Judging by the numbers Scott ran fairly solid, maybe some more hill work should be added into his training to bring that 2nd mile a little closer to his overall average, but I'd say he punished himself appropriately for his fitness level. Most impressively is what Scott had to say after his race: "It was not the easiest course, mile 2 was almost all uphill, but my training and love of the sport really paid off..." There are a couple of things in this statement that really show what kind of background I come from and also what a solid, confident, and humble athlete Scott is. He acknowledged the course for it's challenge, called out the hardest section, and showed confidence in his training. Nice work, Scott. 

Scott's Question Answered:
I Know The Goal Is Not To Get Hurt, But...

Sunday, August 07 ~ Marymoor Park ~ Rock-Climbing
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Some rock climbing post-work and to start the week off. I think I really need to run in the morning on Sunday's, just something easy so that Monday's aren't such a shock to the body.

Monday, August 08 ~ Snoqualmie Pass ~ Pratt Trail to Rainbow Lake
Time: 2:16:54
Distance: 11.65 mi.
Vertical: 3,409 ft.

Mountain Run Monday sucked. I know of no other adjective to describe the disappointment. I planned 3 hours and only managed 2:15. Sure I took on 3400' of vertical gain, but the true culprit: less than 2.5 hours of sleep last night. I just couldn't sleep. I finally dazed off around 1:00 AM, but was up at 3:00 AM. I just had nothing left to lull myself into 3 hours of running. The views were cloudy, but the Alpine Lakes were good on the eyes, just not energizing. I need a better sleep schedule prior to these runs.

Tuesday, August 09 ~ Cougar Mtn. & Squak Mtn. ~ Wilderness Peak + Central Peak
Time: 1:46:57
Distance: 8.36
Vertical: 2,720 ft.

I'm noticing a trend, long runs on Monday have felt not so great, but the next day I feel great. No change today. I think it's the two days off prior to the long run and my body complaining about the rest. Whatever. Today felt great. Managed 2700' of vertical gain, ran with my new running pack, took lots of pics.
Trail Map and Elevation Profile
REI Stoke 19
Trail Parking Sign at Cougar Mtn.
Pre-Run, and ready to test out the
new REI Stoke 19 Pack
Maintained Single-Track
Shy Bear Pass. Wilderness Peak Tr. is to the right, 1/2 mi. uphill. Shy Bear Tr. is to left, 1/2 mi. downhill.
After an ascent of Cougar Mtn., pack is still on, and I'm ready for Central Peak ascent on Squak. Mtn.
Even trail runners have to run the road occasionally. 1/10 mi. to West Access Tr. on Squak Mtn.
West Access Tr. sign on Squak Mtn. This is where it get steeps.
Trail or deer path?
The picture doesn't capture the grade of the hill, but my face does.
With this kind of fork in the road both paths look well traveled.
Wooden bridge in the distance on Squak Mtn. headed to Central Peak.
Central Peak. Not much of a view.
Radio Towers on Central Peak
I should've put my hand in the pic for a size comparison. This leaf is huge!
Cougar Mtn. from Squak Mtn.
View of Wilderness Peak on Cougar Mtn. from West Access Tr. on Squak Mtn.
2,720 ft. of vertical gain in 8.36 miles and I'm done, pack is still on and I feel great.

Wednesday, August 10 ~ Cougar Mountain ~ De Leo Wall + Long View Peak + Wilderness Peak
Time:  1:31:16
Distance: 7.98 mi.
Vertical: 1,686 ft.

Usually I take Wednesday's as a recovery day, but I just felt good today, so I ventured into the my backyard mountain (Cougar Mtn.) and just ran. Legs were fatigued on some of the climbs, but I hit a solid 1600'+ of vertical gain in 8 miles and felt well through-out the run. Heart rate was at little higher than usual, but three days of good vertical and 30 miles will do that. Tomorrow will be a mandatory easy/recovery day. Beautiful day in Washington: 60 F, mostly sunny, and low humidity, by the way.
Nice looking flower pre-run.
I only carry a water-bottle, two gels, and a camera in my new pack. I wear it on these shorter runs just to get used to it...and to take my camera.
De Leo Wall View Tr. This trail gets steep and then suddenly ends on the side of a mountain.
The view from De Leo Wall on Cougar Mtn.
You can actuallysee my apartment complex.
Bridge over a marsh on Deceiver Tr. Best picture, this week.
Running over Long View Peak.
The view from Wilderness Peak on Cougar Mtn.
Cyprus bench on summit of Wilderness Peak. My favorite picture, this week.
Decaying tree on Quarry Tr.
Trail Map and Elevation Profile

Thursday, August 11
Time: 1:30:01
Distance: 10.20 mi.
Vertical: 406 ft.
Recovery Run. Um, the self-enforced mandatory recovery run, today, went like this: wake up, damn my glutes and hamstrings are sore, lets run 30 min., maybe 45 min., 30 min. of running warmed me up, my form felt spot on and my heart rate was easily controlled, so I just kept running. If I didn't have to work I may have gone for another 1:30. Probably better I stopped.
Hoka One One ~ Stinson B Recovery Shoe

Friday, August 12 ~ Off day ~
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

I took on a 10 hour work shift today with the idea that I could get a work out in while I worked, nothing intense, just something to give my legs some fatigue without running. So, I stood for the majority of the 10 hours and noticed that by the end I had some pretty tired feet. I consider it a good training/rest day.

Saturday, August 13
Time: 0:46:44
Distance: 6.5 mi.
Vertical: 361 ft.

Tempo(ish) Run. Road. I had no plans of a running anything remotely close to a faster paced, quicker leg turn-over, etc., run tonight. Yet, after 1/2 mi. I found myself running somewhat towards the sunset, my feet rhythmically tapping the concrete trail, and my breathing adding a syncopated bass beat that continuously reminded me that I've lost the sensation of what it means to run on the road. Partly my fault. But the run was relaxed, faster than I normally run, but it felt well, and importantly, repeatable. Interesting end to a great week.