Saturday, January 19, 2013

Running People's Campaign

Running People’s Campaign

It’s hard to believe that up until 2000 not all 50 states celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The holiday was signed into law by Ronald Reagan, and was first observed January 20, 1986. King’s name is synonymous with the civil rights movement in the United States, and his efforts laid the foundation for other civil rights movements across the globe. King’s defiance of racially discriminating federal and state laws through non-violent activism is something to always celebrate. Not just annually, but daily. There will always be individuals and groups that attempt to portray Martin Luther King Jr. Day as some form of reverse racism, but at least these groups are equally represented in non-discriminating laws that give them the ability to voice their opinions.

As a person that runs, I am a runner. And there are a lot of runners. Together we make up a collective whole that take strides as a group, and footsteps as individuals. We do not discriminate. Yes, there are social groups inside the collective: joggers, marathoners, elites, and ultramarathoners. Yes, we have our disagreements: “5ks are easy,” said the ultramarathoner. “Not if you’re running it fast,” said the 5k’er. In the end, or I should say, at the finish-line, we are all equal. It’s important that we protect this unspoken bond, and acknowledge that it may not have just started with us as runners. There are important footsteps that have been taken before us, and not just in the form of running that have laid the groundwork for equality among neighbors.

If you plan to run on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, run with someone you don’t normally run with. Slow down, or speed up. Run trails, or run roads. However you run, run with a focus on the understanding that we are all equal. Not just as runners, but as humans, too.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Footstep Poetry on Haiku Trails

Footstep Poetry on Haiku Trails
Waking Up The Sun
Up before alarm
Guided by a headlamp light
Silence before dawn
Making The Team
Among the forest
We roam and we ramble on
I am trail runner
Sole Searching
Wandering alone
Searching for more than my soul
Lost my shoe in snow
Material Training
Did I run or not
No data in fancy watch
Forgot to hit start
Late To Aid Station #2
Fumbling like ball
Rushing like holiday sale
No water, no food
Run To Born
Read the latest book
Took off the shoes, hit the dirt
Sat on couch injured
Paved Trails
Tap, tap, tap, stomp, stomp
Honk, swerve, finger, yell, finger
Road is dangerous
Pac-Northwest Trails
Muddy beginning
Sliding up, down, and around
Together with dirt
Snowy Trail Run
Running through the air
Snow falling all around me
Crunch crunch crunch slip fall
Chafing Is
Sweat dripping down face
Red cheeks, cold hands, icy breath
Fun run, painful bath
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