Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 04 - September 10

Weekly Totals ~ Time: 8:22:00 Distance: 48.20 mi. Vertical: 11,239 ft.
Weekly Averages ~ Time: 1:11:42 Distance: 6.89 mi. Vertical: 1,606 ft.

A late showing of summer has bestowed itself upon the volcanic marred landscape of Washington. The temps have been reaching into the mid 80's, which to some may seem like an outdoor air-conditioned blessing. But, to a body acclimated, now, to mid- to low-60's F, the 20 degree rise is more than even the strongest antiperspirant can handle. About mid-way through of few of my repetitive foot-strike adventures I'm selfishly cursing the lack of symbiotic repose between man and nature. Just as Thoreau believed in the bond between nature and man, I do too. I have no faith, however, that an anthropomorphic nature sits in the same pew. She's selfishly undiscriminating, as I'm sure even the cougars and bears are pondering the late onset of heat that have filled their boundary-less abodes, so my complaints appear to me impertinent. In "Walden" Thoreau talks about the goal of man, by necessity is to harbor an external insulation to retain an inner flame of warmth. Well, Thoreau, you have failed to acknowledge my search for inner refrigeration which I seek as I retreat wildly and freely into the depths of nature on these days. My comfort is a sojourner, as is my mind. I'm fain to acknowledge the purity I find saturated in the consistently sonorous ways of the outdoors. The discomforts...too pejorative...the lack of comforts...ugh, the uncomfortable consanguinity (there we go) between  my mind and body while running through the woods, an untamed nature, is magnanimous. Regardless of heat, cold, or somewhere in-between. This week's running hasn't been easy, but it has been descriptive and refreshing.

I didn't hit my desired goal of: 50 miles per week with 10,000+ vertical gain three weeks in a row. In fact, I didn't hit any part of that goal until this week. 11,239 ft. of vertical gain is no joke.; so, post-recovery week I'll tackle the adventure again. If I can complete three weeks consistently under the desired parameters I'll add in some tougher work outs, but no need for tougher workouts until I'm confident and comfortable with my base training. I need start running my pack, again. The lack of colorful pictures on the blog is drab.

Sunday, September 04 ~ Rock-climbing, Marymoor Park
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

As always, a great night of climbing after work. The days are getting shorter, so I may be reverting myself into a climbing gym in the arriving months.

Monday, September 05 ~ West Access Tr. Squak Mtn. X 2
Time: 1:37:29
Distance: 8.88 mi.
Vertical: 3,097 ft.

Two laps up Squak both at relatively easy paces. Felt great. PR pace on the first ascent and a bit slower on the return trip up. Perfect weather, perfect mindset. Legs are eager for more climbing.

Tuesday, September 06 ~ 'Round the Block (Road)
Time: 0:26:45
Distance: 3.10 mi.
Vertical: 61 ft.

Recovery Run. Easy post-work run, tonight. Neglected to get up early and run this morning, so no trail run, but still decided to get out tonight. Legs feel good. No issues. Took the easy spin in Saucony Hattori's. Ever since the 11 mile trail run that they shouldn't have been worn on I'm liking them more and more to hit the pavement.

Wednesday, September 07
Time: 1:46:12
Distance: 9.10 mi.
Vertical: 2,329 ft.

Today, the legs had no rhythm. Kind of felt like the white kid on the drum line trying to keep up to no avail. Legs felts strong on the downhills, but the uphills shot the heart-rate through the roof. Not a bad run, but I was hoping for more.

Climbed with Charlie B. for about 3 hours after my run. Shoulders and hands are tired.

Thursday, September 08 ~ Recovery/Off/Lazy Day
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical:  n/a

Friday, September 09 ~ West Access Tr. Squak Mtn.
Run #1 Run #2
Time: 0:47:31 Time: 0:48:56
Distance: 4.42 mi. Distance: 4.59 mi.
Vertical: 1,557 ft. Vertical: 1,731 ft.

Run #1: It took some time for me to wake-up this morning. Then as I was thumbing through 'Walden' I got an itch to hit the hillside. Felt slow, but consistent. When I got to the top I realized that I was 1 sec. slower than my PR up the trail. Odd, but motivating. Took the New Balance Trail Minimus up the climb and I was impressed considering the amount of rocky terrain on the trail.

Run #2: Got off work early enough that to catch the last remaining rays of the day on the trail. Started out brilliantly, and had I not taken some time to mark the trail for LK following I was cruising quickly to a PR. Super impressed with the consistency considering it was the 2nd ascent of the day.

Saturday, September 10 ~ May Valley Tr. Squak Mtn.
Run #1 Run #2
Time: 1:11:14 Time: 1:43:50
Distance: 6.11 mi. Distance: 12.00 mi.
Vertical: 1,844 ft. Vertical: 621 ft.

Run #1: 1800' of vertical gain, pushing the weekly vertical gain to 10,600', this week. Legs are tired, but any easy run tonight is certainly on the horizon. The trail was pristine, this morning. The sun cast uniform columns of shadows across the decaying wood canvas of the mountain, and there was a fall crispness in the Evergreen filtered air.

Run #2: Recovery Run. 600'. I'm becoming a night runner. There's solitude under the stars, and streetlights, and through the glow of oncoming cars and trucks. The pavement is still a grudge, but the increased cadence has a place in training. Good way to end the week. Next week recovery.