Monday, March 19, 2012

March 11 - March 17

Weekly Totals ~ Time: 6:26:13 Distance: 39.44 mi. Vertical: 5,056 ft.
Weekly Averages ~ Time: 1:04:22 Distance: 6.57 mi. Vertical: 843 ft.

Anytime you start a week off with a first place finish, you know it's going to be a great week. Redmond Watershed Half-Marathon went great. This week's weather, however, was on the side of annoying and un-motivating. It was wet, cold, and everything you just want to not run in. Aside from the snow globe like run on Monday, I really didn't want to get out. But if I've learned anything about the Pac-Northwest, just get outside because it's really not that bad. My legs took a little longer to feel fully recovered from the race, but no love lost. Hope to get the race review up this week. The more into my training I get the less I write. Sucks because I have a lot of great thoughts while I run. We need someone to invent a device that could record thoughts and play it back when you're ready. I'd have novels of random thoughts, all sticky pad worthy, on bookshelves. Of course, sometimes I'm glad my thoughts come and go like shapes in clouds. Somethings are definitely better left inside my cranium. I'd also like a contact lens camera. I don't wear contacts but I would if I could just blink have the picture recorded. I can't even begin to recall how many times I'm meandering through the woods and all of the sudden a spectacular view rest in front of me. The light is perfect, the shadows are bold, and I'm left thinking, "Damn. My camera is in the car." Ok, get to work on these things people.
The inside of a snow globe...

March 11, Redmond Watershed Half-Marathon (trail)
Time: 1:26:56 Distance: 13.10 mi. Vertical: 859 ft. Place: 1st Overall

March 12, Cougar Mtn., Time: 1:34:47 Distance: 6.05 mi. Vertical: 1,742 ft.

Recovery Hike+Run. After yesterday's solid performance today needed to be on the relaxed side of things. Brad D. and I set out for an easy six miles. Hiked the first mile exploring old trails, well off the beaten path. Scraped my knee. Finished with a hilly, but doable 5 mile run.

March 13, Commute to Work, Time: 0:22:22 Distance: 2.72 mi. Vertical: 13 ft. 

Recovery Run. I now know what the inside of a snow globe looks like. That kind of revelation doesn't happen often, so I decided to run to work. Crisp, snowy, and cold. Loved every moment of the 400+ ft. descent to work.

March 14, Downtown Renton, Time: 0:29:09 Distance: 4.01 mi. Vertical: 29 ft.

Base Run. Not my favorite weather (cool and rainy), but my legs are starting to come around to feeling recovered. Negative split the run just for fun. It was short and easy, but a good gauge of recovery. Slid on a new pair of Hattori's. Not because my others are worn, but because that's what I wore to work. Felt great, as always.

March 15, Off Day

March 16, Squak Mtn., Time: 1:35:16 Distance: 5.56 mi. Vertical: 1,965 ft.

Recovery Run. Debbie O. and I ventured off of our routine sojourn and took the snowy inclines of Squak. Great time. Taken it easy on the trail gives me so much more time to look around and really take in nature.

March 17, S. Quinn Loop, Time: 0:57:43 Distance: 8.01 mi. Vertical: 449 ft.

Base Run. Snow this morning and full sunshine this evening. I had all intentions of hitting the mountains and trails, but the sun was shining so I stayed on the pavement. Lacked some motivation when I got home, but I got out the door, planned to do 3 miles and wound up with 8 miles. 7:12 min./mi. pace felt surprisingly easy considering the low starting motivation. Smile at consistency, and Saucony Hattori comfort.