Thursday, March 8, 2012

February 26 - March 03

Weekly Totals ~ Time: 5:15:05 Distance: 32.89 mi. Vertical: 4,745 ft.
Weekly Averages ~ Time: 0:52:31 Distance: 5.48 mi. Vertical: 791 ft.

Mid-week 'oops' brought the mileage down. Tuesday's night-run was botched by some unforeseen circumstance. Wednesday was just a day of laziness. It's like I got out of my groove on Tuesday, not on  purpose, and on Wednesday I wasn't in any place to slide the shoes on before or after work. I'm not as disappointed, as much as I'm disappointed. -Yes, you read that correctly- I understand that some days don't go as planned, and life happens, but you have to wipe a clean slate at the end of each day and I just didn't do that mid-week. Oh well, over and done with now.

Now that I've bitched about two missed days, I'll talk about the positives (clean slate). See how I mentioned a previously mentioned idea. Comedians label that a 'call-back' joke. But there's no joke here. No funny ha ha, or funny queer (Sling Blade 'call-back'). Okay, the good stuff:

South Tiger Mtn. Feb. 27
Sunday's first summit up Central Peak is quite possible one of the most egotistically satisfying experiences that I've accomplished in recent months. It wasn't just the trackless snow identifying, unarguably, that indeed I was the first person to reach the top. It was the journey to the summit that fulfilled the overreaching joy. Ascending higher and higher from the West Access trail to Central Peak the snow was completely fresh, the sun shining through the trees, and the air bit hard when the wind blew. Intersecting the Central Peak Trail I noticed that large amounts of footsteps appeared. All pointed toward the peak. I thought, "Oh well, would've, in a strange way, been nice to be the first." Seriously, why does being the first on a sans view peak (excluding the large fortress of radio towers that the kid inside me screams to play on like a play-set) have more of precedence than being last, or in the middle, or...whatever? Regardless of the odd psychological satisfaction, about 1/8 mi. from the summit I see three lads, in full winter suits, trekking poles included, making their way to the top. They weren't just walking, they were on a mission. I skirted passed them, annoyingly and shyly coughing to let them know I was there and coming up on them quickly. Why I don't just say, "On your left." I have no idea. As I rounded the corner I looked down the uphill path ahead of me and realized, "This snow is completely fresh. I'm going to be the first on the summit." I arrived at Central Peak threw my arms in the air and solidified my 'win' with a smile that silently yelled, "Hell yeah!" I didn't stop long. Began the descent toward West Peak and passed the three summit searchers. They weren't moving as quickly as they were before I passed them. Defeated souls. I imagined their thoughts, "Here we are dressed in full back-country winter attire, and this hippie wearing short shorts, yellow shoes, a backwards ball cap, a thin long sleeve t-shirt, and skimpy gloves just stole our summit. We set out an hour ago and he jogged by us like he was on flat ground. What a punk." Winner, me. Every runner has these moment, they're good things. Be proud of the little victories.

Radio Towers at Central Peak

Feb. 26 ~ Squak Mtn. ~Time: 1:07:37 Distance: 6.17 mi. Vertical: 2,178 ft.

Base Run. Rain delay at Daytona 500 pushed me away from the tv and out into the white-washed mountains. Cold ascent up to Central Peak and then to West Peak. 1st summits on the mountain, today, according to the smooth snow laying on top of the trail.

Feb. 27 ~ South Tiger Mtn. ~ Time: 1:09:22 Distance: 5.48 mi. Vertical: 1,583 ft.

Hill Repeats. 45 and clear...welcomed weather in Washington. Awesomely the perfect weather lined up with my hill workout this week. Great workout. By the 8th repeat I was in a rhythmic pattern of struggle, rest, repeat. First few took some acclimatization. Legs took some time to warm-up, today. Took the camera, so another "fun" HD hill repeat video will be posted soon; this time, sunshine included.

Workout: 2 mile 'warm-up' (7% grade) to the hill. 8 X :30 uphill (18% grade) w/ 2min recovery. 2.5 mile cool-down.

Feb. 28 ~ Time: Distance: Vertical:


Feb. 29 ~ Time: Distance: Vertical:


Mar. 01 ~ Hazen High School ~Time: 54:50 Distance: 7.76 mi. Vertical: 0 ft.

Short Intervals. Track. Turn-over, turn-over, turn-over. Felt great to hit the soft rubber 400m oval for a solid workout in my favorite shoe of all time: Saucony Hattori. I felt coordinated, fluid, and most importantly, comfortable. Today's workout focused on adding in quick 30 second pick-ups every 3/4 mile at 4:40 min./mi. to 5:15 min./mi. pace with the 3/4mi at 7:00 min./mi. - 7:30 min./mi. pace. The important thing was to feel comfortable at the faster pace, work on form, stay relaxed, etc. Not to feel exhausted. And I can say I accomplished that tonight. Stoked. Workout: 1/2mi Warm-up; 8 X (3/4 mi. @ 7:15 pace + :30 @ 4:45 pace); 1/2 mile Cool-down. :30 split avg paces: 4:43, 4:45, 4:38, 4:32, 4:41, 4:29, 4:16, excited on #7 (oops)

Mar. 02 ~ Lake Youngs ~ Time: 1:39:25 Distance: 10.36 mi. Vertical: 855 ft.

Recovery Run. Back into my Recovery Run Friday with the ladies. Such a good time chatting and running around the 'not view-able' lake. The ground was wet, the skies gray, but spring is slowing creeping into the morning songs with baby bird melodies.

Mar. 03 ~ Home Loop ~ Time: 0:23:51 Distance: 3.13 mi.Vertical: 94 ft.

Recovery Run. Long day of work, and a quick run to shake out my unusually sore legs. First four minutes weren't the best, and last two minutes of tonight's run just not what I was looking for. Regardless, it was actually a relief to get back out for my evening recovery's been awhile.