Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 04 - March 10

Weekly Totals ~ Time: 4:58:11 Distance: 24.22 mi. Vertical: 6,995 ft.
Weekly Averages ~ Time: 1:14:33 Distance: 6.06 mi. Vertical: 1,739 ft.

For the little bit that I was able to run this week, it was great running. The mountains have been just a solid training ground the past couple of weeks and it was disappointing that I decided to take on a nasty chest/head cold on Tuesday. Typically, I'll feel a little under the weather, but nothing comes out of it except I feel a little more tired than usual on the runs. This cold, however, left me run-less from Wednesday to Saturday. I just did feel like getting out on the road, or trail, would be remotely beneficial. Plus, Thursday I made things much worse by neglecting to drink any water through-out the day. In fact, my fluid intake looked like this: two cups of coffee in the morning, three beers (not sure what I was thinking there) in the evening. I lifted a finger at 6:00 AM Friday and the most hideous headache secured itself above my eyes and behind my skull. My chest cold came back, my sore throat and that night I just decided to stay in and drink water...lots of water, and repeat on Saturday. Sunday I decided to race, and really wasn't super confident on my ability because of the cold. Life is life, though, no hard feelings on the missed days. I did get in the two quality workouts in the beginning of the week. The hills and intervals felt really really good, by the way. Redmond Watershed Half-Marathon, up next (March 11)

Sunday ~ Squak Mtn. ~ Time: 1:37:55 Distance: 6.82 mi. Vertical: 2,355 ft.

Base Run. Brad D. and I took some new trail runners out on Squak Mtn., today. Did a lot of out-n-back style running to keep track everyone on the ascent, so it was really nice to get some extra mileage and vertical. They all did really really well, by the way

Monday ~ Cougar Mtn. ~ Time: 1:19:24 Distance: 5.93 mi. Vertical: 2,255 ft.
Hill Repeats. Brenda Ann Spencer didn't like Mondays (look it up, if you're confused); however, I do. And to celebrate my idolization of the first day of the business week I run hill repeats. Love 'em. Today I followed the repeats with an easy ascent to Wilderness Peak and a longer descent back to the car. Workout:
1.3 mile Warm-up; 10 X :45 Hill w/2 min Active Recovery; 3 mile Cool-down.

Tuesday ~ Squak Mtn. ~ Time: 1:29:17 Distance: 6.78 mi. Vertical: 1,999 ft.

Base Run. Legs were tired from yesterday's hill repeats, but as the sun set last night snow clouds moved in and I just had to explore the mountains. I found three new trails, but only one wound up leading anywhere. It was spectacular. Days like today are needed in every training plan. It's too easy to become tunnel-visioned on goals, times, distances, and lose sight of your surroundings. I find it easier to incorporate these runs by taking my camera with me and stopping occasionally just to take in the view. Mount Baker, far far off on the horizon was painted with a pale pink as the sun hid itself beyond the Pacific Ocean. Lake Sammamish reflected the crystal clear atmosphere of the blue sky high above. The untouched snow on the hidden 'new' trail was soft and relaxed and the air was calm.

Wednesday ~ Home Area ~ Time: 0:31:36 Distance: 4.69 mi. Vertical: 376 ft.

Short Intervals. Late start to today's workout; 9:22 PM. Bottom-line, you can run at any time of the day, all you have to do is take the first step. Increased the time in each interval this week to :45 @ 5:15 min./mi. or lower. Everything felt really good. Surprisingly good, actually. Stayed on the sidewalk, still not a fan, but the full moon's light lit the way and there was hardly any traffic. Saucony Hattori, once again, performed flawlessly.

Thursday - Saturday