Saturday, December 3, 2011

November 27 - December 03

Weekly Totals ~ Time: 5:40:49 Distance: 37.19 mi. Vertical: 3,350 ft.
Weekly Average ~ Time: 0:56:48 Distance: 6.20 mi. Vertical: 558 ft.

November has come and gone, the Seattle skyline is pixelated with millions of variations of gray, and the forest and asphalt foot highways have a pseudo-permanent thin line of moisture that sits on top of the surface like icing on a cake. This week has been no different than any other week in November: just a little more mileage than the last, but nothing over-the-top. I'm comfortable that my body and, maybe more importantly, my mind feel recovered -refreshed is more apropos- from the past season's mileage. I'm eager to get some more speed under my feet, but I find my feelings are more inline with the undulation of the hills and mountain tops. I added in a few track workouts, this month, and plan to increase that number in the future. But, I also need to keep the hip and lung burning ascents in the equation. Even if for strictly therapeutic benefits. The balancing act between mountains, track, asphalt, trail, therapy, etc., is what makes training, well, training. Training is a puzzle with no edge pieces. The picture is your life, and ever changing. The pieces, once together, become seamless, and to their strength and weakness they can't be taken back out. It's crazy, but every piece fits. All you have to do is decide when to put the next piece in the puzzle. Simple, right? So, November has been a nice rest, and December should start bringing in a little more foundation. My weekly pattern is going to -hopefully, ha.- have two workouts (speed, track, tempo, fartlek variations) and one long run with everything else as mileage-fillers at recovery and base pace. Looks good on paper, but we'll see how the piece looks with the rest of the puzzle. I'm back in the rock-climbing gym three to four times a week, so that needs to be counted toward totals, and damn is it invigorating. Love some rock-climbing. Thanks, Adrenaline Climbing, for the "re-"introduction. Nice to have Stone Gardens, here, to continue the cross-training infatuation, too. If you haven't tried rock-climbing, trust me, it offers the best core workout and cross-training a runner can ask for.

I've got four shoe reviews coming out in December:

inov-8's Evoskin Montrail's Rogue Racer

Pearl Izumi's Kissaki Skecher's GoRun

If you have any shoes you're considering leave me a comment and I'll see if I can snag some, run in them (minimum of 50 miles), and post a review.

Monthly Totals ~ Time: 20:05:20 Distance: 110.96 mi. Vertical: 15,240 ft.
Monthly Averages ~ Time: 0:55:01 Distance: 5.55 mi. Vertical: 802 ft.
(Definitely a month of rest.)

Weekly Training Details:

Sunday, November 27 ~ Off/Rest Day
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Monday, November 28 ~ Off/Rest Day
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Tuesday, November 29 ~ Squak Mtn. & Home Loop

Run 1 Run 2
Time: 1:02:34 0:28:33
Distance: 6.03 mi. 3.18 mi.
Vertical: 1,985 ft. 90 ft.

Looks like a cat got me.
Nope, just a thorn.
Run #1:
Base Run. 1,985' of Gain. Early afternoon run up the steep side and a descent down the 'less' steep side. Headed back about for 1/4 mile to round things up to 6 miles. Legs, lungs, and mind felt like a team today. The cold damp air was fairly refreshing, too. The trail is clearing out as plant life retreats for the winter exposing some un-marked trails that may be fun to explore on a later date.
Run #2:
Recovery Run. 100' of Gain. Slower than usual, but it felt great. Calves reminded me of the 2,000' of gain this morning, but were submissive enough to relax by the end. Thought about knockin' out another 2 miles, but I became very aware of the diminishing weather around me as the original finish came into view and decided to head inside for a warm shower.

Wednesday, November 30 ~ Hazen High School Track
Time: 1:13:02
Distance: 9.21 mi.
Vertical: 208 ft.

Took a heel to the shin, today.
I'm gettin' beat up, this week.
Track Workout. 200' of Gain. 1.25 mile Warm-up (ran to track); 3 X 1k w/1:00 Rest; 1-mile @ Half-marathon pace; 3 X 1k w/3:00 Rest; 2 X 1:00 hill repeat w/full rest. 1.25 mile Cool-down (ran home). Average 1k pace: 5:49 min./mi. Overall it was nice to hit the rubber on semi-tired legs from yesterday's Squak Mtn. run. My form doesn't feel sloppy, but it's not comfortable, yet. I'm right on target, though.

Thursday, December 01 ~ Home Loop & Commute Home
Run 1 Run 2
Time: 0:23:56 0:22:01
Distance: 3.16 mi. 2.66 mi.
Vertical: 95 ft. 390 ft.

Run #1:
Recovery Run. 100' of Gain. Quick foot tour around the block. Legs felt tight, but not tired. Especially, calves. Saw my breathe the whole run...kind of refreshing.
Run #2:
Recovery Run. 400' of Gain. Loved seeing a raccoon climb a tree and my breath reflecting in the strobe of my headlamp. I thought the 'coon was a cat, a really fat cat, but a feline nonetheless. Ran with a random and very rare stomach ache. Hopefully some well-prepared food from my lovely girl @LK will soothe the intestinal distress. Testing out some Skechers shoes, too. Yes, you read the name brand correctly. No, the shoe does not claim to tone your ass.

Friday, December 02 ~ Off/Rest Day
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Saturday, December 03 ~ Lake Washington (Renton to I-90)
Time: 2:10:32
Distance: 12.95 mi.
Vertical: 582 ft.

Recovery Run. 580' of Gain. Not my best run. Ran with some extra weight until I finally (7 miles into run) decided that no Porta John's were going to be around the corner and the leaves were going to have to suffice. Not a new experience, except frozen leaves may be worse than dry leaves. The entire purpose of the early morning adventure was to keep a buddy company that was running around Lake Washington, today. 60 miles! Hope it finishes. Looked good when I left him.

Brad D., 3 hours into a 68 mile run.

A very cold start at 7:00 AM

That beanie is almost
10 years old, haha.

This is immaturely funny, but
I had to take a picture.