Monday, December 12, 2011

December 4 - December 10

Weekly Totals ~ Time: 3:37:44 Distance: 24.95 mi. Vertical: 3,775 ft.
Weekly Averages ~ Time: 0:54:26 Distance: 6.24 mi. Vertical: 944 ft.

The week was going well until the very end when work schedules got changed and it threw-off my routine. The onus of adapting is on me, but for whatever reason I couldn't muster up running on Friday and Saturday. Physically and mentally I felt fine, I just didn't go run. I'll have to work on that. Running is going really well, though. My numbers have been sub-par, but every run feels great. If anything, though, this last week has put into focus the need to keep my training consistent. 25 miles a week doesn't cut even the softest of butter. There's always something to be said for enjoying the running, and it should be a priority, but it's becoming really easy to stay in cruise control. I think it's important to hurt a little, to feel your teeth clinch, to walkaway with tired legs and a worn out mind every now and then. This week, that didn't happen. February is still a toss up for which half-marathon I'm going to do, either the Sweetwater Sweetheart Trail Half or the Hilton Head Half (road). If you've got a preference for me, leave a comment and let me know. Also, to the couple that dropped off the: 'Walker Percy: A Life' by Patrick Samway at the store, Thank you. Absolutely made my day. Hopefully you're reading this blog.

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Off the running front, the inov-8 Evoskin review was a tremendous success (560+ views as of today) and I'm excited to see how the rest of the December shoe reviews go. Please share the links with friends, but also don't hesitate to leave comments about what you expect from a shoe review. It's a learning process, for me, and feedback is crucial. This week, Wednesday to be exact, I'll be posting the Montrail Rogue Racer review.

inov-8's Evoskin Montrail's Rogue Racer
Posted: Dec. 7

Posting: Dec. 14

Training Notes:

Sunday, December 04 ~
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Monday, December 05 ~ Cougar Mtn.
Time: 0:57:19
Distance: 7.01 mi.
Vertical: 837 ft.

Base Run. I was oddly hesitant to venture into the cool 30 F weather, this morning, so I kept postponing the run in hopes of a little more warmth. After 2 hours of waiting and 3 degrees change I gave up. I'm usually enthusiastic to run in the cold. Hindsight, the run went fantastic. Put in 6.5 miles on the trail and then 2 hill repeats to round out the days mileage to 7 miles.

Tuesday, December 06 ~ Home Loop
Time: 0:53:55
Distance: 7.41 mi.
Vertical: 471 ft.

Base Run. Wow, I felt great, tonight. My stride felt incredibly fluid, my heart rate in the mid/high-150's and average pace around 7:15 min/mi. One of the best runs I've had in a while. I'll be listening to Matisyahu pre-run more often. Ran in the Skechers, tonight, too. Interesting. Jake Shimabukuro's My Life album is a fabulous cool-down music choice.

Wednesday, December 07 ~ Cougar Mtn.
Time: 0:42:24
Distance: 3.35 mi.
Vertical: 1,356 ft.

Base Run. Just a quickie before work. Took the Wilderness Creek TR to Peak, today. Pretty awesome running. Clear at the base and just before the summit an incredibly thick fog rested patiently. Visibility was down to 30 - 40 feet. Cruising down the backside the clouds broke and it was like pulling the blinds open in the morning.

Thursday, December 08 ~ Cougar Mtn.
Time: 1:04:06
Distance: 7.19 mi.
Vertical: 1,110 ft.

Base Run. The cold silence of a late fall run through the woods certainly ranks high on the, repeat list. Damn it felt good, today. Ascended De Leo Wall first, and then took to the undulating trails around the YMCA.

Friday, December 09 ~ 
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Saturday, December 10 ~
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a