Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 11 - December 17

Weekly Totals ~ Time: 9:22:09 Distance: 57.21 mi. Vertical: 9,497 ft.
Weekly Averages ~ Time: 1:20:18 Distance: 8.17 mi. Vertical: 1,357 ft.

Thursday night I looked at my training log and was shocked to see 48 miles and 8,500'+ because I really felt like I haven't been running. Well, fatigue-wise I haven't felt like I had been running. My good mood day-in and day-out certainly is a product of the 48 miles of therapy. It's tough work to stay sane, that's for sure. Every run was really really fun, excluding almost chocking to death on car fumes. It's been one of those weeks that goes down as one of the best weeks of the year. I'm just ecstatic about feeling so well. Hopefully this lasts for a couple of weeks. It's been slightly warmer (not above 45 F, though, haha) than last week and I've found myself overdressed, which is a rarity, for the weather. Overheating on a run is awful. I'd much rather be cold. After all, you can always run faster to heat up. I am finding that carrying a vest when I'm going to play on my background mountains (Cougar Mtn., Squak Mtn., and Tiger Mtn.) is always a good idea.
Also, I added a Shoe Review Page, a Social Media Page, a Facebook Page, and a Youtube Channel check 'em out and share. Any creative people that want to drop some ideas about fun things for me to write about, film, or photograph leave me some comments. By the way, this week's shoe review: Pearl Izumi Kissaki...get excited.

Scroll down for two videos and some photos.

Sunday, December 11 ~ South Tiger Mtn.
Time: 1:15:07
Distance: 7.17 mi.
Vertical: 1,702 ft.

Base Run. Circumnavigated South Tiger Mtn., today. Just an absolute blast. Now that I know the loop I'll definitely go back to run it with a little more speed. The snow flurries at the top made for a winter-perfect trail run.
Check out Uphill Running's Youtube Channel

Monday, December 12 ~ Home Loop
Time: 1:01:46
Distance: 8.01 mi.
Vertical: 473 ft.

Base Run. I think I must be really sensitive to car fumes when it's cold. Today's run, just felt a lot harder than it should have; especially when there were heavy amounts of traffic. Kind of crazy

Tuesday, December 13 ~ Cougar Mtn.
Time: 1:43:15
Distance: 8.77 mi.
Vertical: 2,768 ft.
Base Run. Three ascents of Wilderness Peak, today, from three different directions. The trail was pseudo-frozen, temps started at 37 and dropped the entire run. A first for me, outside of 3 ascents in one day, there is a small evergreen decorated with beads and ornaments in the middle of the woods. Strangely fitting. 1st ascent: Squak-Cougar Connector - Wilderness Peak TR. 2nd ascent: Shy Bear TR - Wilderness Creek TR. 3rd ascent: Wilderness Creek/Peak Fork - Wilderness Creek TR.

Wednesday, December 14 ~ Cougar Mtn. & Home Loop
Time: 2:15:14
Distance: 11.74 mi.
Vertical: 2,500 ft.

Base Run. Paced 8 miles of a buddy's 50k adventure, today. Dropped him off, ran back to tag the Wilderness Peak summit, and then descended to the car. My legs have a lot of spring in them for having 8,000 ft. of vertical gain on them, so far this week. Check out Uphill Running's Youtube Channel

Run #2
3.36 mi.
92 ft.

Run #2:
Recovery Run. After jumping from the trail to work I needed a little more therapy, so I went from work to the run. Slipped on the Hattori's and turned over an easy 3.3 miles. Heart Rate stayed low, so I know it was a good idea. 15.1 miles total for the day.

Thursday, December 15 ~ Home Loop + a few
Time: 1:10:50
Distance: 9.01 mi.
Vertical: 684 ft.

Base Run. A misty Seattle afternoon on the streets. Ventured off the normal loop just for fun. Found a nice 1/4mi. uphill. Planned between 5mi - 8mi and ended with 9miles. Now, I'm late for work.

Friday, December 16 ~ Lake Youngs
Time: 1:27:35
Distance: 9.16 mi.
Vertical: 771 ft.
Recovery Run. Kicked it easy with the ladies, this morning. Laura K and Debbie O, held a good pace for me and kept my intuition to run faster at bay. Weather is grey, which, honestly, seems worse on paper than reality. Washington's weather allows for year round training without having to adapt to rapid environmental changes. Damn near perfect.

Saturday, December 17
Time: n/a
Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a