Monday, June 20, 2011

June 12 - June 18

Weekly Totals: Distance: 20.52 mi. Time:  3:36:38 Vertical 3800 ft.
No cycling this week

As a new race is approaching and my first four weeks of training will be focused on building a healthy pattern of training. Too many times I talk with runners, elites to beginners, that set strict mileage, time, and pace requirements early on in their training season and mid-way through the training they're burnt out, not focused, or even worse, injured. Some will say it's their shoes, some will say it's work and they "just don't have enough time", some will describe a freak accident almost as if they're selling the story to themselves. Irregardless, the main reason for early season failure is that runners -well, most athletes- place the wrong priority on training aspects. It doesn't matter if you've been running for 10 years or 10 days, the first priority of training is building a habit. Time, pace, distance, weight-loss are all benefits of consistent training. Usually, a good training habit will  take about 8 weeks, after about 4 weeks you can begin adding in other training priorities, but there's no need to rush things or focus on the benefits. I've decided to race the Cougar Mountain 50k, this October. One thing to keep in my for this race: it's going to be hilly. 7,000 ft.+ is the rumor. The trick is to balance the uphill running with intensity. Sometimes it's better to walk than run, and pace...well, it can vary between 7:00 min./mi. and 15:00 min./mi. So, with that variance in pace the miles for each run will generally take a bit of a backseat during training and time on feet will be a strong focus.

This week went well. But toward the end, Friday and Saturday, friends from Atlanta were visiting and although we did a great deal of climbing on Friday, running didn't really get to happen. No worries, though. Sorry, no pics this week.

Sunday: Hazen High School Track ~ Recovery Run
Distance: 2.03 mi.
Time: 0:15:45
Vertical: 0 ft.

Wore the recovery shoes, today, and ran eight circles around 400m of rubber. Felt good. Really concentrated on running with a higher cadence.

Monday: Cougar Mountain ~ Base Run
Trails used: Redtown Trailhead - Cave Hole Tr. - Coal Creek Falls Tr. - Quarry Tr. - Fred's Railroad Tr. - Klondike Swamp Tr. - Coyote Creek Tr. - Coal Creek Falls Tr. --reverse (out-n-back, today)

Distance: 8.09 mi.
Time: 1:19:43
Vertical: 1,208 ft.

My first long run in a while, on hills at least. I didn't sleep last night, only about an 1:30. Got up around 2:00 AM and just waited for daylight to break. It was wet, cold, and drizzling. Wish I had worn gloves on the trail. It was nice to put some miles on my legs at the mountain.

Tuesday: Hazen High School Track ~ Recovery Run
Distance: 2.10 mi.
Time: 0:17:05
Vertical: 0 ft.

Took the recovery shoes out for another spin around the track. Even though the pace may seem slow, I think going even slower may be more beneficial.

Wednesday: Cougar Mountain ~ Base Run
Trails used: Wilderness Creek Trailhead - Long View Peak Tr. - Deceiver Tr. - Shy Bear Tr. - Wilderness Creek Tr. - Wilderness Creek Trailhead --
Distance: 5.68 mi.
Time: 1:02:46
Vertical: 1,645 ft.

A great loop run, today. Scared two people, on accident, after sneaking up on them in the dense woods of Cougar Mountain. The rain forest like environment with the undulation of the hills makes it tough to see anything ahead or behind you.

Thursday: Cougar Mountain ~ Hill Repeats
Trails used: Wilderness Creek Trailhead - Wilderness Creek Tr. - Wilderness Cliffs Trails (hill repeats, here) - Wilderness Creek Tr. - Wilderness Creek Trailhead 
Distance: 2.62 mi.
Time: 0:41:19
Vertical: 947 ft.

Just a shitty day. Didn't feel well. Set out to do controlled half-mile hill repeats and wound up feeling sorry for myself and only doing minute long repeats. I may switch Tuesday's recovery run and Wednesday's base run to help cope with the extra fatigue and get the most out of the hill repeats. Better to be conservative.

Friday: Marymoore Park ~ Rock Climbing
Distance: n/a
Time: 4:00:00
Vertical: n/a

I haven't been rock-climbing in quite a well. And when I say rock climbing I mean climbed for more than an hour. Today, was four hours worth of crimpers, tired legs, and sunshine!

Saturday: n/a
Distance: n/a
Time: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Went out too late last night with friends, and to work too early to run in the AM and didn't prioritize a run. Life happens.