Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 05 - June 11

Weekly Totals: Distance: 35.42 mi. Time: 5:01:30 Vertical: 5,896 ft.
Run Totals: Distance: 22.03 mi. Time: 3:55:39 Vertical: 5,099 ft.
Bike Totals: Distance: 13.39 mi. Time: 1:05:51 Vertical: 797 ft.

I started this week off with the expectation of increasing my running mileage to just shy of thirty miles, however, with back-to-back days of some large vertical runs it just didn't happen and by the end of the week, I just didn't feel it would be smart to push it. I hate and love the conservative game. On one hand, I know success takes time and on the other hand, I want to attack, attack, attack, until I conquer. So, there needs to be a balance. With next week being my first week of official training for the Scott Cougar Mountain 50k I didn't really care to enter the training fatigued. I took a lot of pictures on a hike this week, so I've posted quite a few pics from it and you'll get to see the beauty of the Wilderness Creek Trail and Wilderness Cliffs Trail on Cougar Mountain, a trail I will train heavily on during the next five months in prep for the race. I'm pretty stoked about my decision to enter this race. I train heavily at Cougar Mountain and I've got until October 30 to prepare for the rumored 7,000 ft. of elevation gain.
Yes, the camera was level.
No, the trail is not.

Sunday, June 05 Marymoore Park ~ Outdoor rock-climbing wall
Distance: n/a
Time: n/a
Vertical: n/a

I missed all climbing last week, so this week after work I headed straight to the wall. I took a co-worker and taught him out to safely belay and we climbed two full routes. Nothing over the top, but just enough feel a slight pump. It felt relieving to be outside on the 'rock'.

Monday, June 06 Cougar Mountain ~ Wildside Trail to De Leo Wall Trail
Bike -
Distance: 5.76 mi.
Time:  0:27:55
Vertical: 379 ft.
Run -
Distance: 5.01 mi.
Time: 0:48:39
Vertical: 855 ft.

I commuted a lot on the bike, today. My run felt good and I ran in some shoes not even on the market. I'll be posting a pre-release post on them sometime mid-week, next week.

Ariolimax columbianus,
Pacific Banana Slug
Tuesday, June 07 ~ Hazen High School Track ~ Recovery Run w/Laura Kay
Bike - 
Distance: 7.63
Time: 0:37:56
Vertical: 418 ft.
Run -
Distance: 2.18 mi.
Time: 0:20:33
Vertical: 0 ft.

Another nice day of bike commuting. I rode to the lake to enjoy some rays of vitamin-D, which is important because usually the clouds seem to block out the light and leave nothing but the UV. The run was nice because I got to preview the track I'll be using for some track workouts and I got to run with Laura Kay.

Wednesday, June 08Cougar Mountain ~ Wilderness Creek Trail to Peak
Run -
Distance: 5.85 mi.
Time: 1:11:33
Vertical: 2,226 ft.

Quite an uphill day, today. When I first ran this route I walked several times. Today, I ran the loop twice and didn't even need a break. Definitely a good sign that I'm getting my climbing legs back up under me.
Just a little uphill running, today.

That's about the average incline of the trail.
~ Wilderness Creek Trail on Cougar Mtn.
Thursday, June 09 ~ Squak Mountain ~ May Valley Trail to Central Peak
Run -
Distance: 5.19 mi.
Time: 1:00:42
Vertical: 1,584 ft.

I don't really know why I ran here today. I was just so pumped about the run yesterday that I felt like going uphill again, and that completely back fired. Worst run I've had in Washington. I walked, talked to myself, and even got tired of running downhill. I was glad to get in the car and go home.

Friday, June 10 ~ Cougar Mountain ~ Coal Creek Trail
Run -
Distance: 3.80 mi.
Time: 0:34:12
Vertical: 434 ft.

My legs were fatigued when I started, but worst of all, mid-way through the run I was doing the 'three-year-old potty dance' and lets just say it was your typical rain in Seattle. What a rookie mistake. Always use the bathroom before you run. Saying to yourself: 'It's just a thirty minute run' makes no sense. Good thing the leaves are always damp here. (wink)

Saturday, June 11 ~ n/a
Distance: n/a
Time: n/a
Vertical: n/a

I almost went running today, but decided to just relax.

My drive to work. When it's sunny, that is. Only a ferry ride away from Seattle, WA.
Olympic Mountain Range
First Bridge on Wilderness Creek Trail.