Sunday, February 6, 2011

January 31 - February 06

Weekly Totals:Distance: 49.34 mi. Time: 7:02:59 Vertical: 3,613 ft.

Monday: Adrenaline Climbing
Distance: 0.00 mi.
Time: 0:30:00
Vertical: 0 ft.

Just an easy day of rock climbing. Nothing intense. Yesterday's 16 miles on the Appalachian Trial left me tired, but surprisingly not sore. Soreness, for me, doesn't usually set in until about two days after a hard workout.

Tuesday: ~ Collins Hill Park
Distance: 9.00 mi.
Time: 01:14:09
Vertical: 889 ft.

My legs feel like they are finally starting to return. Last week I seemed to struggle with some lingering leg fatigue and a lack of leg turn-over ability, but the run today just felt different. The wood chips that are being set out along the trail are almost complete, so hopefully I'll won't have to run this European style cross-country course much longer.

Wednesday: ~ Peachtree Ridge High School TrackAdrenaline Climbing
Distance: 5.38 mi.
Time: 0:56:02
Vertical: 0 ft.

I know I said that I wanted to stick to the trails from here on out, but there was a special opportunity for me to visit with some friends on the track. I had planned to run 5 X 1k repeats, but part of showing up to a group run is running with a group and, in this case, that meant scratching my workout and running something different. Kermit Bowen, a well-seasoned a very smart runner, leads the Wednesday night group a set out 8 X 400m with 200m Rest (walk). Here are the paces for my 400m splits: (1) 5:41 min/mi; (2) 5:29 min/mi; (3) 5:27 min/mi; (4) 5:26 min/mi; (5) 5:11 min/mi; (6) 5:15 min/mi; (7) 5:02 min/mi; (8) 4:48 min/mi. Ok, the last split was way too fast, but I just felt like stretching out the legs.

PM: Rock climbing post run.

Thursday: ~ Fleet Feet Sports, Tuesday Night Run Course
Distance: 10.00 mi.
Time: 01:20:00
Vertical:  261 ft.

AM Run: 5 miles during a lunch break. Weather wasn't too bad, but it stinks I'm back out on the asphalt. I've got to start getting up earlier. My body feels absolutely recovered, but calves are slightly tight from the 400m repeats last night.

PM Run: 5 miles after work. Weather is cold, more so, windy. Oddly, my legs are a lot more tired than I expected. I slogged through the miles, but I just feel like I'm on a treadmill when I'm forced on the roads. I've got to get a headlamp to get on the trails at night.

Friday: ~ Buford Dam, Laurel Ridge Trail
Distance: 6.96 mi.
Time: 01:04:22
Vertical: 856 ft.

Today was absolutely the worst weather to run in. I tried and tried to convince myself to not run my tempo run, but by mid-afternoon I was out on the trail. Temp: 36 F, Weather: Pouring Rain. Conclusion: an awful trail and a slow pace. The run started with me trying to avoid a 5 ft long puddle and I did, unfortunately I ran straight into a thorn bush. So now, a quarter mile into a 7.5 mi. run I soaking wet and my legs are cut up and bleeding. I knew I should have stayed inside. The tempo portion of the run equaled about 9 min/mi pace and sketchy downhills. I cut the run short .5 mi. because I was just too cold and not properly dressed.

Saturday: ~

I worked all day and didn't manage to get in a run. Not a big deal on the recovery day, but it'll cut my goal mileage this week from 60 to 50. It's amazing how much one day drops mileage. Oh well, one thing I need to avoid is getting caught up in numbers

Sunday: ~ Stone Mountain Park

Distance: 18.00 mi.
Time: 0:2:28:26
Vertical: 1,607 ft.

Robert, Brady, and I took the long run this week to the streets and around a giant piece of granite. Overall the run felt great and we finished it off with an ascent to the top after 15 miles. I'm please with the pacing, but could definitely tell the asphalt was wore out my legs muscularly more than I'd like. The course was undulating, but the profile cracks me up: Flat, flat, flat, boom. I did run a faster ascent than descent, so I'll take that as a good thing.