Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 7 - February 13

Weekly Totals: Distance: 55.02 mi. (71.02 mi.) Time: 08:01:13 Vertical: 5,708 ft.
*(includes the long run last Sunday)

Monday ~ Adrenaline Climbing
Distance: 0.00 mi.
Time: 0:30:00
Vertical: 0 ft.

A tired day of climbing, and my left calf is tender. Some icing should help.

Tuesday ~ Mount Yonah
Distance: 9.00 mi.
Time: 01:44:50
Vertical: 2,872 ft.

What started out as a planned trip turned into a great hill repeat run at base pace. I started out with an idea of what I was getting into, but it became pretty clear after the first repeat there were a couple of sections I had forgotten about. Good run and a nice day of vertical. I'll definitely be running here more often.

Wednesday ~ Collins Hill Park
Distance: 8.58 mi.
Time: 01:12:18
Vertical: 656 ft.

A round of 1k repeats at the park and all of the mulch is out. This is good because it's super soft and bad because it's super soft (that's not a typo). I felt great and the repeats were really consistent. This week is going to be long, but I really feel good. Here's the paces of the repeats: 1) 7:46; 2) 7:29; 3) 7:26; 4) 7:46; 5) 7:29 6) 6:42

Thursday ~ US 29
Distance: 10.00 mi.
Time: 01:27:33
Vertical: 388 ft.

I hate the damn road. I really need to get up early and get on the trails. Or at least get a headlamp (common theme). I laced up and hit the road/shoulder for a nice and easy 10 mile out-n-back and I felt relaxed, but the car fumes definitely got to me. Overall, this was just a good consistently paced run and I focused on arm movement. Each run I find it helpful to set out a different aspect of form and concentrate on the selected aspect 100% of the time.

Distance: 0.00
Time: 0:00:0
Vertical: 0 ft.

I iced my calf and my right foot all day and because I didn't make it to a trail I decided the best option is for me to skip a scheduled 10 mile recovery run on the road and prepare for tomorrows race/tempo run.

Saturday ~ Sweetwater Sweetheart Half-Marathon
Distance: 13.53
Time: 1:42:XX
Vertical: 1,035 ft.

Just a well put on race, check out the recap above. Or click here.

Sunday ~ Lynn and Kevin's Farm
Distance: 13.90 mi.
Time: 1:52:82
Vertical: 767 ft.

A great run with some great friends. I didn't eat enough pre-run and definitely felt it at about 9 miles. Not to mention yesterday's race took a little more out of me than planned and combined with the pounding of the asphalt just wasn't the best run of the week. However, all that being said, having the run finish with a cook-out, perfect weather (got plenty of Vitamin D), beer, and bonfire. The low ranking run didn't seem to matter too much.