Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 14 - February 20

Weekly Totals: Distance: 27.43 mi.(41.34 mi.) Time: 005:02:29 Vertical: 5,621 ft.
*(Includes the long run Sunday)

Monday ~ N/A
Distance: 0.00 mi.
Time: 0:00:00
Vertical: 0 ft.

Was I even awake, today? I'm definitely exhausted from this weekend. I don't think running Sunday, or at least as much as I did, was a good plan. Too much will end in overtraining and an injury.

Tuesday ~  Mount Yonah
Distance:  6.56 mi.
Time:  01:22:38
Vertical: 2,349 ft.

So much for staying conservative on the 'rest week.' Yonah is the perfect place for easy laps with a long climb. Ran past some US Army Rangers. I was glad to be in just a shirt and running shorts, because the 60+ lbs. on their backs didn't look fun. Good vertical, today. I'm a bit hesitant to train tough this week, vertically speaking.

Wednesday ~ Collins Hill Park
Distance: 6.48 mi.
Time: 01:01:30
Vertical: 699 ft.

1k Repeats on the trail...all uphill repeats...and at night. I managed to finally get a headlamp, and against the recommendation of trying it out on an easy run, I went straight for the kill. The times were slower and adjusting to the headlamp is definitely going to take some time. Some issues: Adjust the light to far ahead of you and you can see what you're about to run over. Too close to your feet and you can't see where the trail meanders through the trees, nor can you see when there's a fallen tree on the ground (that was almost disastrous). I didn't have a lot of confidence in the footing, even though I've run, literally, thousands of miles here, so I took my time and tried to get a little faster each repeat. Courtesy exhaustion the negative splits didn't happen. Here are the paces for each split: 1) 8:06, 2) 8:10, 3) 8:12, 4) 8:43...like I said courtesy the exhaustion...well you get the point.

Thursday ~ Buford Dam, Laurel Ridge Trail
Distance: 7.01 mi.
Time: 01:08:58
Vertical: 1,342 ft.

With last nights run so...slow...maybe I'm being too harsh, relaxed-ish...anyway, I decided to run 6 - 8 miles on hills, but I wanted to make sure I got some good vertical. Instead of running the usual 3.3 mi. loop I settled in for laps up and down the dam side hill, which felt very similar to the powerline section of the Sweetwater Half, but not as steep. I'll make a note of this, because with only 8 weeks left until the 50k I need to make sure I'm running as close to course specifics as possible. On a side note, I'm really feeling tired and I may not stick to schedule for the rest of the week.
I do tend to take pride that my "Recovery Run" profiles are looking very undulated. Undulation, however, could be the reason I'm so tired and don't feel like I'm recovering thoroughly this week.

Friday: ~ N/A
Distance: 0.00 mi.
Time: 0:00:00
Vertical: 0 ft.

Too tired. I need to recover this week to avoid overtraining.

Distance: 1.3 mi.
Time: 0:15:00ish
Vertical: 80 ft.
Just an easy jaunt with a group of new trail runners. A run/walk and a lot of talk. Conveniently, I've been fortunate enough to snag a pre-release New Balance Minimus, and I've got to admit, I like it. But with a lack of a rock plate in the forefoot I'm hesitant to use it for the 50k. Course terrain should always dictate shoe choice, that being said, Collins Hill Park is perfect to test a pair of these out: 
Distance: 7.03 mi.
Time: 01:04:17
Vertical: 1,051 ft.

I planned for a total of 10 miles, today. 2 mile Warm-up, a 10k Time-Trial, and a 2 mile Cool-Down. What did I do today, 7 miles and nothing more. I'm just exhausted. I have 8 weeks left, but I need to recover. Of course, 7 miles at Kennesaw Mountain is nothing to fret over. I went up and over from the Visitor center and then around the mountain and back to the car. So, I have to admit that the 'warm-up miles' were a bit of a shock to the system.