Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 13 - June 02

May 27 - June 02
Weekly Totals, Time: 5:14:45 Distance: 28.52 mi. Vertical: 7,729 ft. (good mi. to vert. ratio)
Weekly Averages, Time: 1:18:41 Distance: 7.13 mi. Vertical: 1,932 ft.

This is how I test packs.
I had a nagging cold this week, so I decided that taking Thursday and Friday off would be in my best interest. Woke up Saturday and can honestly say i felt 100% better. I wasn't, I'm still not, over the chest cold, but it's manageable. Low mileage week, but lots of climbing. More importantly, my average run time has been increasing. I've got a few events coming up that are going to require I much longer sustained in, consistency over at least 6 days. More to come on that. I've been toying around in the mountains a lot lately and I really feel refreshed. My legs are responding really well to training, and mentally everything is starting to fall into place. I need to update the blog a lot more frequently...and with pictures. Not just because people want to read it, but it's my training log and the best way to understand yourself is to log everything, and analyze at the end of each season. The more details, the better. It's not hard. It just takes some discipline. As runners I think we're somewhat predisposed to scheduling things. Yes, we all have different ways we train. For instance, I have a loose idea of what I need to accomplish each week, but no real set time frame. I wake up, judge how I feel, think back to what I've done in the past two days and make a decision on what to do that day. If I don't get everything in, no problem. I used to hold grudges, but over-training is detrimental to lifelong training. When you over-train, physiologically and psychologically running becomes a burden. I'm not advocating showing up to every event out of shape, but becoming too strict in training can be for worse. I think my advice would be, if you don't feel confident in your ability to perform bag the event. Maybe you lost some dough, but you were honest to yourself as an athlete. Look back over your training log, see where you fucked up and correct it. Don't kid yourself about where you're not, and who you're not. You see 'em all the time at events, and it's taking its toll of the purity of competition. I'm not saying that you have to be able to compete for the podium, because lets be honest, only a handful of athletes ever do. I'm just saying, when you show up to an event you should take enough pride in yourself to push your own limits. Okay, enough ranting. Find me on Facebook or Twitter. And 'Like''s Facebook Page

May 20  - May 26
Weekly Totals, Time: 7:46:33 Distance: 37.39 mi. Vertical: 3,785 ft.
Weekly Averages, Time: 1:33:19 Distance: 7.48 mi. Vertical: 757 ft.

Training times are going, up. I have some big news about some future events. I'll announce them next week. Lets just say, 'Once In a Lifetime' may be a good description. The week started with just a really fun run/hike/bushwhack through new terrain. Tolt MacDonald Park has some steep hills, and a lot of budding ferns. Those things are really stiff and sort of prickly. Run/hiking an ascent through them isn't terrible; however, ascending and then descending gives you what I call, "fern burn." After a 2.5 hr., run I looked down at my cat scratched legs and just sighed. I love the Pac-Northwest, but the ferns and nettles I could do without. The week ended with two nights of pacing around Lake Youngs Trail during the Pigtails Challenge. 200 mile, 150 mile, and a 100 mile race. Wow, only exclamation needed.

May 13 - May 19

Weekly Totals, Time: 7:00:52 Distance: 46.98 mi. Vertical: 4,167 ft.
Weekly Averages, Time: 1:10:09 Distance: 7.83 mi. Vertical: 694 ft.

I had a really good week, last week. The weather was cooperative enough that I actually have tan lines and ran shirtless quite a few times. That's right folks, shirtless. The week was on record 'happy running' until a PR ascent up Cougar diminished my running logic and put my running emotion on a higher pedestal. I cruised up an all too familiar route and only put an effort into the last 2/3rds and managed a great time...PR, for the route. I signed the guest book up top, took a deep breath and confronted the descent with confidence. Twisting, turning, and going fast: the appeal of descents. The earth crashing into your bare chest, bruising you leg, scrapping off any accumulated tan: the risk of twisting, turning, and going fast downhill. About a 1/2mi. from the trailhead I bit the dirt. I laugh about it, now; especially because the bruises on my leg are still there and it's been more than a week. Good times, good fall, no serious injuries.