Monday, June 25, 2012

June 03 - June 23

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June 03 - June 09
Weekly Totals, Time: 7:46:49 Distance: 41.07 mi. Vertical: 10,026 ft.
Weekly Averages, Time: 1:17:48 Distance: 6.85 mi. Vertical: 1,671 ft

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June 10 - June 16 (June Gloom, this week. Only 2 runs)
Weekly Totals, Time: 5:26:06 Distance: 30.57 mi. Vertical: 8,384 ft.
Weekly Averages, Time: 2:43:03 Distance: 15.29 mi. Vertical: 4,192 ft.
Wilderness Peak Loop
Long Run. 4,900 ft. of Gain. 14.36 miles; 2:47:31. Thank you, Cougar Mountain. Wilderness Peak is where the heart is, for me. 5k(+) Loop X 4. Elevation profile looks like a 1st graders drawing of the rocky mountains.Lap 4 was tough. First two summits sub-23; third sub-24; fourth; barely under 26 min., ha! All four descents felt smooth and controlled.
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June 17 - June 23
Weekly Totals, Time: 8:58:28 Distance: 38.52 mi. Vertical: 11,577 ft. (includes, Mt Rainier hike)
Weekly Averages, Time: 1:29:37 Distance: 8.63 mi. Vertical: 2,144 ft. (run-only)

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The past three weeks have been right on target with improving my average run time. June 10 - June 16, I caved into Seattle's "June Gloom" and took four days off. Oh, well. Looking into the future: In August, I'll be running the GORE-TEX TransRockies Run and need to improve my daily run time to be able to easily handle 3 hours of running 6 days in a row. The race itself is pretty amazing, in my opinion: Six days, 120 miles, and 20,000 ft. of vertical, everything is between 8,000 ft. - 12,500 ft. Above Sea Level. Wow, just thinking about this opportunity has me excited. The race route traverses north from Buena Vista, CO to Beaver Creek, CO. The six day race, is a team so my good friend Eric S. and I will be completing the journey together. The ups, the downs, all together.

As for training, like I said, I'm working on increasing my average runs. Not focusing too much on speed, but the more I run the faster I'm getting. The I-90 corridor trails are opening, so I've fixed my car to commute out into the hills and the Seattle summer weather is beginning to peak. Photos will begin to trickle back into the blog. However, if you want to see the most recent and update info check out the Facebook Page