Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 22 - January 28

Weekly Totals ~ Time: 3:20:55 Distance: 24.48 mi. Vertical: 1,723 ft.
Weekly Averages ~ Time: 0:40:11 Distance: 4.90 mi. Vertical: 345 ft.
*does not include the 4+ hour hike.

I have been on a roll, twenty-three days in a row of running. Conveintantly I didn't realize the streak until I uncharacteristically started to feel less and less motivated to get out of the door. For at least 20 days I felt great every day, and every day I was eager to run, and every day felt better and better. However, sometime between Jan. 20 and Jan. 23, I began to notice that my running start times were becoming later and later. I would feel fine during the run, but only after a first mile that felt like shit. It was an unmotivated-feeling, not an injured feeling. I was losing motivation to get up and out the door. Rough patches are no big deal, though, and fairly common during training, so I didn't take notice of the fatigue too much. But after three days in a row of no motivation to get out the door, I took a look at the numbers. My mileage started dropping under 50 miles a week and my vertical came crashing down, too.

To help solidify the need for a very down week, -funny how these things workout- myself and two other crazies trekked up Cougar Mtn. (Wilderness TH - Wilderness Peak) after an intoxicating good time at the bar. At 2:00 AM we took our first steps to what would become a 4+ hour adventure up debris filled trails...and fittingly with no headlamps or flashlights. With the use of my own backhand knowledge of the twist and turns, and occasionally the light from the display on my camera we meandered through the night with laughter, slips, falls, more laughter, and all through ankle+ deep snow. Toasting to a great adventure at the re-defined summit (after a 2 hour and 20 minute ascent we just stopped when we completely lost the trail) we made our way back down, stopping often to wonder if we had wandered up the way route we were descending. At 7 AM, I walked through the front door of my apartment, Laura Kay fittingly questioned "how long were you gone?", I answered truthfully, "awhile...too long" <snickering at the recall of Dominic W. and Simon Q. trusting my knowledge of the lay of the trail and actually going straight from the bar to the mountain.> I crashed down on the comfortable area of the floor that I decided to call my bed and as my head zoomed below the armrest of the couch I spotted the orange Black Diamond headlamp that may have saved the evening at least 2 hours...I'm glad I forgot it, too be honest.

4 hours later I roused myself out of an exhausted fetal position, laced up the running shoes, and ran, got back home, went rock-climbing and took the next day completely off. This proved to be the right move. Amazing how good times can even force recovery days. Better than injuries, I suppose. Either way, I took the rest of the week conservatively and just made sure to feel recovered before next Sunday.

Sunday, January 22 ~ Home Loop
Distance:3.11 mi.
Vertical:93 ft.

Base Run+. Had to hit the roads for a quickie before the belated company holiday party. Legs felt good and the last mile would have been well under 6min had I not had to jump into the slush covered sidewalks a few times, stop, and wait for oncoming traffic to ease up.

Monday, January 23 ~ Hiking
Distance:3.45 mi.
Vertical:1,552 ft.

Pictures at the bottom.

Monday, January 23 ~ Home Loop
Distance:5.62 mi.
Vertical:306 ft.

Base Run. Following a 4 hour hike early this morning I was 95% sure that I wasn't going to run. But I laced up the sneakers after 2 hours of rock-climbing and hit the pavement for a dreaded 3 miles. After the 1st mile, my mind and legs woke up and I negative split the run and added an extra 2.6 miles.

Tuesday, January 24 ~ Off/Rest (1st of the year!)
Distance:00.00 mi.
Vertical:0,000 ft.

Yeah right.

Wednesday, January 25 ~ Commute to Work
Distance:2.67 mi.
Vertical:44 ft.

Recovery Run. After yesterday's first full rest day of the year I was much more motivated to hit the road, but I did it conservatively. What better way than a short run downhill. Only issue: smog. Washington is by far the cleanest state that I've lived in and smog is very low, but it really takes a toll on my lungs. Sierra Vista, Arizona may have been cleaner, but that's because nothing is around and you're 5,200' above sea level.

Wednesday, January 25 ~ Commute Home
Distance:2.66 mi.
Vertical:412 ft.

Base Run. If you run to work, you have to run home from work. For me, that means an almost entirely uphill journey. Good thing I have a soft spot for ascents. Surprisingly, I ran only 3 seconds slower than my commute home; but good enough for a commute home PR!

Thursday, January 26 ~ Off/Recovery/Lazy Day
Distance:00.00 mi.
Vertical:0,000 ft.

Lazy day.

Friday, January 27 ~ Lake Youngs Trail
Distance:10.40 mi.
Vertical:868 ft.

Recovery Run. Pre-run, bummed about not running last night. Mid-run, amazed at how much better I feel compared to the beginning of the week. Post-run, already looking up snow covered trails for a possible sunrise adventure tomorrow morning. 134 avg heart, definitely in the recovery zone. Laura K. and Debbie O. make Friday morning recovery runs seem like a big 'reset' button. Mad props to them putting up with my constant chatter for an hour and forty minutes.

Saturday, January 28 ~ Off Day
Distance:00.00 mi.
Vertical:0,000 ft.

Two more days to rest. Not going to run Sunday, either.