Sunday, March 17, 2013

"It's an unspoken addiction. Threads-n-treads"

I stumbled carelessly through my wine rack of shoes. Yes, you read that correctly. I have so many pairs of running shoes that storing them can get out of hand. To cork the problem I bought a cheap wine rack, flipped it upside down and poured the running shoes on until the rack overflowed. After some rearranging and careful stacking, the wine rack turned shoe storage passed the field test and sobriety seemed restored. Until I got even more shoes.

With so many choices, however, I've become tragically hip with my running outfits. Regardless of the distance, surface, or time of day I can confidently pair t-shirts, shorts, socks, and shoe color like post-run effort and beer. It's an unspoken addiction. My running routes, generally named after a state, have turned into a fashion cat- walk -run. A catrun is running fashion jargon that's more trendy than runway. #catrun use it on Instagram and Twitter in combination with @UphillRunning.

I stare at the color wheel of shoes to plan out my run. The red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange spinning in my head like an 80's skier tumbling down a hillside. I start with my outfit first because it can often determine my route. For instance, on St.Patty's Day I decided to wear blue shoes, green socks, blue shorts, green t-shirt, and black gloves and hat. Not only did I sport the colors of the Seahawks and Sounders, but I'm ensuring I don't get pinched. With that much holiday and team spirit I stayed on the road and ran to be seen.

Is it wrong to be narcissistic? Nope. We're runners. We are self-absorbed in ourselves by nature. Seriously, it's great to cheer for others and congratulate other's accomplishments, but we run for ourselves. So why can't I take pride in my threads-n-treads?

Don't confuse my vanity with judgment. We can run together anytime because as self-absorbed as this post may seem running's foundation is in equality. No better way to strip away prejudice than a bunch of people running from A to B on the same course.

Hashtag your next outfit #catrun and tag us, too: @UphillRunning