Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 13 - November 19

Weekly Totals ~ Time: 3:33:50 Distance: 13.70 mi. Vertical: 5,177 ft.
Weekly Averages ~ Time: 1:11:17 Distance: 6.85 mi. Vertical: 2,589 ft.

Wow, last week, I was enthralled with confusion as to how I ran 50 miles during a week that seemed so, well, lazy. This week, I don't know where the days went. I do know that my nose has run more miles than my legs. I'm confident enough in this statement that I'd say I've logged at least 50 nose blows, this week. It's upsetting, to a degree, to see such low totals, but I have no need to fret. I don't have a goal race, yet, so training, although still a priority, doesn't have much emphasis on what type of training. I don't want to lose too much fitness, but that will only come with a full stop. I've started rock-climbing a couple of times a week, so that's adding to some fitness totals, but until I set out a goal race I think I'm comfortable with a cruise-control of whatever happens, happens style of training. Of course, 5,000 ft. of vertical in 13.7 miles is a pretty good miles-to-vertical ratio, haha.

Upcoming Race Thoughts:
  • I will be running the Bridle Trails Twilight 50k, but not with any focus, in January
  • February, has two options: Sweetwater Sweetheart Trail Half-Marathon (Georgia), or the Hilton Head Island Bridge Run (South Carolina)
  • The Mountain Marathon is slowly rooting itself as a priority race, in March. Partially because of the kick-ass logo design. That may seem superficial, but you can't argue with the aesthetics.
  • April - August, I have no race plans, but I would like to take a shot at the Wonderland Trail. I want to make it a group outing, though. Not ready for the solo attempt, yet.
  • If you have any suggestions for a race/run in 2012, leave a comment. Join the Facebook page, as well: Uphill Both Ways, Preferably

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