Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 10 - July 16

Weekly Totals: Distance: 28.96 mi. Time: 4:50:12 Vertical: 2,923 ft.
Interesting Data: Average Hear-rate: 148 bpm, Average Run Time: 1:12:33

A little late on the post, my bad. This week was great, mileage was okay, vertical was not really anywhere close to what I imagined, and I felt more and more confident on every run...and bike ride. I've introduced the new elevation profile charts and some topo maps for the routes, let me know what you think. If you click on the picture it should enlarge to full size. Also, check out my buddy's blog: http://thepathtoinspiration.blogspot.com/ It's more in-line with triathlons than just running. J.Reed is my best friend, and has some great things to speak (write?) about, including gear reviews: Louis Garneau Race Day Revo Transition Bag,
and puts a lot of heart toward his training. I'll even make it easy to follow his blog, click here.

Sunday, July 10: Westport, WA ~ Recovery Run
Distance: 4.96 mi.
Time: 0:50:49
Vertical: n/a

Post Race, SCOTT Cougar Mountain 10-mile, I don't really want to add to the fatigue. Although, Saturday's race was more of a five mile workout with five miles of easy-ish running, it's still important to give the body the rest and recovery. It's better to be under-trained, than over-trained.

Monday, July 11: Westport, WA ~ Recovery Run
Distance: 6.85 mi.
Time: 0:58:48
Vertical: n/a

Another day, another run, and another ocean-spray film to shower off. Felt great, legs are fine, feet are sore, but another easy pace. I've been wearing my hear-rate monitor, lately, and today, even though it felt easy, was a bit too much of an effort for recovery. I'll learn.

Tuesday, July 12 ~ Cougar Mountain
Route: Red Town TH - Indian Tr. - Far Country Tr. - Shy Bear Tr. - Deceiver Tr. - Long View Tr. - Wilderness Creek TH - Wilderness Cliffs Tr. - Wilderness Peak - Shy Bear Tr. - Far Country Tr. - Indian Tr. - Red Town TH

Topo Map with Elevation Profile: 
Distance: 10.27 mi.
Time: 1:59:32
Vertical: 2,250 ft.

I'd be dis-honest to not include my disappointment in the lack of vertical gain. I mean this statement honestly and not egotistically. Reason being, I really thought by adding the Wilderness Cliff route I'd surmise some vertical over 3000'. Guess not. Oh well, the run felt great.

Wednesday, July 13 ~ Coal Creek Parkway
Distance: 6.88 mi.
Time: 1:01:02
Vertical: 408 ft.

I just could not find the rhythm of the concrete trail. I was on a 6/8 count and the road was 4/4, tonight. Relatively flat, but the run just felt harder than usual.

Thursday, July 14 ~ Rest Day

Distance: n/a
Time: n/a
Vertical: n/a

Not much to report, just a rest day.

Friday, July 15 ~ Lake Washington Trail to I-90 Trail to Seward Park (cycling)

Distance: 18.60 mi
Time: 1:52:15

Seattle has got to be near the top of cycling friendly cities. 'Rents were in town this week, so Charlie, Dad, and I planned a sweet ride from the house, up the lake, across the I-90 highway bridge trail (pretty spectacular), and down to Seward Park. We took our time and stopped randomly to take a deep breath and enjoy the views. Wouldn't mind riding this one again, but it won't be the same without Dad.

Saturday, July 16 ~ Rest Day

Distance: n/a
Vertical: n/a