Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 01 - May 08

May 01 - May 08

Weekly Totals: Distance ~ 24.93 mi. Time: 03:27:55 Vertical: 1236 ft.
Run ~ Distance: 19.84 mi. Time: 0:2:56:51 Vertical: 967 ft.
Ride ~ Distance: 5.09 mi. Time: 0:31:04 Vertical: 269 ft.

This week was my last week in Georgia for quite some time. Not sure when I'll make it back to the hot, humid, and hilly Peach State, but I do know that over that past 15 years of my running 'career' -lifestyle choice may be more apropos- I've grown up on trails, road routes, and races that have shaped, and essentially, defined my understanding and relationship with running. I've won races, lost races, and started some races I probably shouldn't have. I've gone on runs that have hurt every step of the way causing me to finish cursing boisterously what I love the most only to return the next day, at the same course, and try the run again with not much better success. It's those runs, the difficult runs, the runs you don't brag about that keep a primitive desire to conquer, explore, and cover more terrain that I've grown up on. -Writing this feels like a motivational break-up letter, but it's not- So, when this week came around I wanted to make sure I ran with some of my closest running buddies, the friends that don't let you win easily and then you give a couple of humbling remarks on why they just kindly kicked your ass.

So all this amounted to a great low-key, low intensity (except Wednesday) week of running, a great bike ride with my dad, two days of climbing at Adrenaline, and a bittersweet final trail run at Collins Hill Park with Josh and Robert. Unfortunately, no pics. My bad.

Monday ~ Alexander Park
Distance: 4.01 mi.
Time: 00:31:50
Vertical: 134 ft.

An easy base-paced (sub-8:00 min/mi.) run today around a flat mile loop. Windy.

Tuesday ~ Tuesday Night Run
Distance: 4.73 mi.
Time: 00:42:15
Vertical: 129 ft.

My first group run, ever. Strange I know, but until tonight I had only 'coached' group runs. Everything was completely different and it was oddly satisfying to have told someone, "I'm sorry, I don't work here anymore." I meant it positively even though that may seem staunchly rude.

Wednesday ~ Peachtree Ridge Wednesday Night Track Workout w/Kermitt
Distance: 5.10 mi.
Time: 00:42:46
Vertical: 204 ft.

Running is about adapting to the terrain, environment, and how you feel. Tonight we had planned a great 800 meter repeat workout at the Peachtree Ridge track, and unfortunately Peachtree Ridge planned an unscheduled lacrosse match at the same time, so the track was off limits. But what do good runners do? Find a 400 meter loop and run the same workout. We took our cars to the upper parking lot and ran the workout. It felt great. I ran 4 X 800m repeats, and averaged a 5:30 min./mi. pace, and wound up with a great right foot blister. Sharp asphalt turns will do it to you every time.

Thursday ~ n/a

Friday ~ n/a

Saturday ~ Father-Son Bike Ride
Distance: 5.09 mi.
Time: 0:31:04
Vertical: 269 ft.

What a great day to ride a bike. Even better because it was like commuting. We rode to the bank, to Waffle House, and back home. The ride was enjoyable and at a talk-able pace. Couldn't have asked for a better final Georgia ride.

Sunday ~ Collins Hill Park
Distance: 6.00 mi.
Time: 1:00:00
Vertical: 500 ft.

Josh and Robert got up extra early to drive over to the one place that I can actually remember feeling like I was a runner for the first time, Collins Hill Park. It was a fantastic morning. The air was cool, the trail was soft, and the company was top-notch. I'll miss this place, but I'm sure there will be some amazing trails in Washington.