Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 28 - March 06

Weekly Totals: Distance: 32.35 mi. Time: 04:20:24 Vertical: 2,033 ft.

Monday ~ Adrenaline Climbing
Distance: 0.00 mi.
Time: 0:00:00
Vertical: 0 ft.

With Saturday's tempo/race, I wanted to make sure I didn't pull the same mistake as I did with the Sweetwater Sweetheart Half-Marathon and get back on the mileage too quickly. With 6 weeks until the Sweetwater 50k I'm in a point of maintaining gained fitness, because in terms of physiology I'm not going to be gaining much from here on out. The biggest risk is obviously losing fitness. So, today I 'harnessed up' and hit the rock-climbing gym for an easy workout.

Tuesday ~ Fleet Feet Sports
Distance: 4.08 mi.
Time: 0:33:35
Vertical: 137 ft.

A lazy morning makes for a late night run, well, more like an after work and in the dark run. The issue: I'm tired of the asphalt and I didn't bring any motivation to hit the soft packed trail. The run went well, however, even despite my annoyance at not getting up in the morning.

Wednesday ~ Home course
Distance: 3.26 mi.
Time: 0:24:52
Vertical: 251 ft.

A workout loomed in the back of my mind, but sheer terror of doing too much and over-training kept me on the road starting at my front porch. Absolutely great weather today. I really need to start getting up earlier and hitting the trails. Even if it's just a local park, but ideally the Appalachian Trail is calling and my mind is yearning.

Thursday ~ Collins Hill Park
Distance: 5.01 mi.
Time: 0:40:41
Vertical: 503 ft.

An afternoon jaunt on my favorite local park and my spirits are soaring. I'm really feeling good. My pace was a lot faster than I thought. About mid-way through the run I felt tired and got a little down on myself. Thoughts of, "Am I still not recovered?" and  "What the hell is going on?" slipped in-and-out of my mind about as quickly as the wood chips passed my peripheral. I glanced at my watch and noticed some quick paced averages

Friday ~
Distance: 0.00
Vertical: 0 ft

Um, I don't really know how to say/write this. I completely forgot to run today. Partially because of work, partially because of waking up late, and partially because I just forgot. Lets say, 5%, 5%, 90%. Not planned at all. And this means I won't be running until the twenty miler on Sunday morning.

Saturday ~
Distance: 0.00
Time: 0:00:00
Vertical: 0 ft.

Work all day, and a planned rest day before the twenty. I really wish I hadn't forgotten to run yesterday. Definitely put a dent in the total weekly mileage. Oh well.

Sunday ~ Stone Mountain Park
Distance: 20.00 mi.
Time: 02:41:15
Vertical: 1,142 ft.

Windy is an under statement and in all honesty a hindrance. The run started out well, and due to some forgetful agenda planning I winded up having to run solo. Which, isn't bad at all, and truthfully I felt really connected with the flow and juxtaposition of  mind, body, and environment. The run for the first fifteen miles was great, the last five, however, I hurt. I struggled to get into a pattern after I had to stop for a bathroom break. I took the one and only gel at 15, and I think it made a little difference in the blood-sugar levels, but the bathroom break took its toll and miles 18 and 19 I really felt my hamstrings cramping and calves giving into a reduced endorphin flow from my brain being so tired from holding such a repetitive pattern. Ah, the joys of running. Speaking of joys of running, at mile 14 a lady stopped walking as I approached her, I was clearing the sinus cavities (snot rockets and spitting), and said, "You're gross." I kindly replied with a similar comment, "Go (insert a four letter word beginning with f and ending in uck) yourself." Who do people think they are?
Here's a nice Garmin image of today's run, includes route, splits, and elevation profile: